Steak is a standard food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Purchasing Information Edit

The classic Prime T-Bone Steak is sizzlin' and ready to ramp up profits! This delicious cut of prime meat comes with three seasoners to get every last ounce of juice out of your steaks. We have the standard Seasoning, the Citrus Flavor to add that touch of acidic blend, and the Juice Enhancer to make sure no steak goes dry. Order this starter kit and start Steakin'!

Your order comes with a surplus of Prime T-Bone Steak, Seasoning dispenser, Citrus Flavor dispenser, Juice Enhancer dispenser, and two recipe cards.

Cooking Instructions Edit

Steaks are unique in that they don't have any noticeable identifiers as to what seasonings you've already placed on the raw steak. So you must focus and remember which toppings you've already done, or risk over-seasoning the steak.

Upgrade Path Edit

Two Star: $10 to $15 Menu Price, new ingredients & two new recipes.

Three Star: $15 to $20 Menu Price, new ingredients & two new recipes.

Four Star: $20 to $30 Menu Price, new ingredients & two new recipes.

Five Star: $30 to $40 Menu Price, new ingredients & two new recipes.

Recipes Edit

One-Star Upgrade Edit

1. Classic Steak

Recipe Card: Seasoned three times, with one Juice, please.

2. Citrus Steak

Recipe Card: Once Seasoned, twice Juicy and one serving of Citrus, please.

Two-Star Upgrade Edit

3. Spicy Steak

Recipe Card: Seasoned, four Spicy servings and two Juicy please.

4. The Dry Spicy Steak

Recipe Card: Seasoned with two kicks of Spice, please.

Three-Star Upgrade Edit

5. Baconesque

Recipe Card: Seasoned, Twice Juicy and Twice Bacony, please.

6. Spicy Baconesque

Recipe Card: Seasoned, Juicy, Twice Spicy and Twice Bacony.

Four-Star Upgrade Edit

7. Spicy Smokey Steak

Recipe Card: Twice Seasoned, Smoked, three Spicy and two Juicy, please.

8. Smokey Orange Steak

Recipe Card: Seasoned, Smokey, Juicy and two Citrus, please.

Five-Star Upgrade Edit

9. Hickory Steak

Recipe Card: Twice Seasoned, with two Hickory and four Juice please.

10. West Texas Steak

Recipe Card: Give me everything you got, doubled, but no Citrus please.

Keyboard Binding Edit

  • Seasoning - S
  • Citrus Flvr. - C
  • Juice Enhcr. - J
  • Spicy Pepr. - P
  • Bacon Pwdr. - B
  • Smokey Dust - D
  • Hickory Salt - H

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