Soup(s) is a standard food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Purchasing Information Edit

Soups have long since been a classic dish to any resturant, and can now be served in your very own kitchen with our soup starter kit! This kit not only comes with seven ingredients, but also includes two classic recipe cards: Chicken Noodle Soup and Soup du Jour. This package also includes a silver grade cutting knife for cutting ingredients. Order today!

Your order includes a surplus of chicken, bowtie noodles, bouillon cubes, seasoning, tomatoes, carrots, celery, cutting knife and two recipe cards.

Cooking Instructions Edit

Soups are one of the hardest foods to make in the game. There are a multitude of ingredients, and some on page two requires chopping. Select a choppable ingredient (as seen by the knife icon), then click or press down to cut with the knife. You'll usually need the standard of three cut slices when a recipe calls for a choppable ingredient.

Upgrade Path Edit

Two Star: $8 to $15 Menu Price, new ingredients & two new recipes.

Three Star: $15 to $20 Menu Price, new ingredients & two new recipes.

Four Star: $20 to $30 Menu Price, new ingredients & two new recipes.

Five Star: $30 to $40 Menu Price, new ingredients & three new recipes.

Recipes Edit

One-Star Upgrade Edit

1. Chicken Noodle Soup

Recipe Card: Chicken, Bowtie Noodle, Bouillon Cubes, Celery (3)

2. Soup du Jour

Recipe Card: Bowtie Noodles, Bouillon Cubes, Seasoning, Tomatoes (3), Carrots (3), Celery (3)

Two-Star Upgrade Edit

3. Vegetable Soup

Recipe Card: Tomatoes (3), Carrots (3), Celery (3), Cabbage (3), Red Peppers

4. Baristobo Soup

Recipe Card: Chicken, Bowtie Noodles, Seasoning, Potatoes, Carrots (3), Cabbage (3)

Three-Star Upgrade Edit

5. Creamy Potato

Recipe Card: Seasoning, Potato, Bacon and Cheese

6. Louisiana Delight

Recipe Card: Chicken, Meats, Rice, Bouillon Cubes, Seasoning, Bacon, Celery (3)

Four-Star Upgrade Edit

7. Hearty Meat Soup

Recipe Card: Chicken, Meats, Rice, Ham, Potatoes, Cheese, Celery (3), Garlic

8. One Bean Soup

Recipe Card: Rice, Seasoning, Potatoes, Celery (3), Beans

Five-Star Upgrade Edit

9. Broccoli Soup

Recipe Card: Seasoning, Bacon, Cheese, Carrots (3) and Broccoli

10. Italian Soup

Recipe Card: Meats, Rice, Bacon, Cheese, Tomatoes (3), Zucchini (3), Onions

11. Suino Stew

Recipe Card: Ham, Bowtie Noodle, Cheese, Cabbage (3), Zucchini (3), Garlic, Onions

Keyboard Binding Edit

  • Chicken - K
  • Meats - M
  • Rice - I
  • Ham - H
  • Bowtie Noodles - W
  • Bouillon Cubes - U
  • Seasoning - S
  • Potatoes - P
  • Bacon - B
  • Cheese - C
  • Tomato - T
  • Carrot - A
  • Celery - Y
  • Cabbage - L
  • Zucchini - Z
  • Knife Cut - Down Arrow
  • Red Peppers - D
  • Garlic - G
  • Beans - E
  • Onions - O
  • Broccoli - R

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