Sopapillas is a standard food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Purchasing InformationEdit

Taste the delicious with this Mexican fried treat! Your order comes served with frozen precooked sopapillas - just dip them in your fryer and serve! There's very little prep work necessary, and customers love the sugary blast of hot crunchy tortillas. Don't leave your customers craving sweets...order today!

Your order comes with a surplus of frozen sopapillas and sugar, ready to fry.

Cooking InstructionsEdit

Sopapillas are one of the easiest foods to make in the game. Simply hold the down arrow until white smoke starts to billow from the fryer, then place them in the bowl. The only variation is that the customers may or may not want sugar on their order.

Be careful to not burn the sopapillas. If you hold it to long, black smoke will come out, and that means you have burned the order. Also not put frozen sopapillas in the bowl until it is unfrozen.

Recipes Edit

1. Delicious Lite Sopapillas

Recipe Card: One Sopapilla order but no sugar on top, please.

2. Delicious Sopapillas

Recipe Card: One Sopapilla order with sugar, please.

Keyboard BindingEdit

  • Dunk basket - Down Arrow
  • Place in bowl - P
  • Sugar - S

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