Soda Fountain is a food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Purchasing Information Edit

How can a restaurant be complete without your very own Soda Fountain? Grab a cup, fill it with soda, and watch as your profits rise like bubbles in a bubbly pop. Our five flavors include standard water and tea spigots, along with Cola Current and othe popular drinks. Grab that ice scoop and cool your customers today.

Your order includes an installation of our Deluxe Five Flavor Soda Fountain in your restaurant, along with small, medium, and large cups, an ice trough, and a surplus of five flavor bags including: Water Ole, Good Tea Me, Cola Current, Grape Stuff, and Diet Cola Current.

Cooking Instructions Edit

Sodas can be easy to make once you get the hang of it. Simply change the cup size, fill the drink and serve. Pay attention to whether or not they need ice, and note that once you fill up a cup with liquid, you can no longer change the size.

Upgrade Path Edit

Two Star: $5 to $8 Menu Price, new ingredients & recipe cards

Keyboard Binding Edit

  • Cup Size - Up Arrow
  • Move Cup Left - Left Arrow
  • Move Cup Right - Right Arrow
  • Pour Soda - Down Arrow
  • Ice Cubes - I
  • Flavor Blast - F