Robbery is a chore in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Doing the Chore Edit

Now, you're not actually the one robbing, you're the one getting robbed! The ''chore'' starts after a robber at random runs through your resturant, grabbing $400 from you. You'll need to draw a picture of the robber's face using a witness' description. If you draw the robber perfect, he will be caught and you'll recieve the money he stole. If you made any mistakes, the robber will not be caught and you lose the $400. This ''chore'' is definitely the most difficult of them all.

Upgrade Path Edit

Enhance Security: The possibility of a robbery happening is cut down by half!

Keyboard Binding Edit

  • Draw Hair - H
  • Draw Eyes - Y
  • Draw Ears - E
  • Draw Nose - N
  • Draw Lips - L
  • Draw Facial Hair - F

Characteristics Edit

  • Hair - Bald, Sexy, Spiked, Poofy
  • Eyes - Normal, Crazy, Sexy, Beady
  • Ears - Normal, Round, Long, Tiny
  • Nose - Crooked, Normal, Fancy
  • Lips - Long, Small, Sexy
  • Facial Hair - Mustache, Beard, Fuzz, Beard & Mustache