Pretzel is a standard food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Purchasing InformationEdit

The world`s most delicious knot returns to amp up your menu! This fun treat is a cinch to make- just apply butter and salt and serve (but also includes cinnamon to add a nice sweet twist on an old favorite)! Not only is it a fun snack enjoyed by all, but it`s an affordable food that just about anyone can enjoy. These pretzel are making me thirsty... for profit potential!

Your order comes with a surplus of ready-serve pretzels, salt, butter, cinnamon, and paper trays, with six recipe cards.

Cooking InstructionsEdit

Pretzels are very easy to make, and can be a great beginner's food. Do note that once you achieve a two star rating for your restaurant, you can no longer serve pretzels as your customers will want more premium food.

Peasant FoodEdit

Be aware that pretzel (and corn dogs) are considered "peasant food," and thus unsuitable for two star restaurants and higher. Once you get two star restaurant, peasant food will no longer be served.


1. The Classic Pretzel:

Recipe Card: Salt and butter, please.

2. The Dry Twister:

Recipe Card: Nothing on it, please.

3. Cinnamon Pretzel:

Recipe Card: Just the cinnamon, please.

4. The Buttery Curves:

Recipe Card: Just butter, please.

5. The Sweet Twist:

Recipe Card: Butter and Cinnamon, please.

6. The Salty Knot:

Recipe Card: Just salt, please.

Keyboard BindingEdit

  • Salt - S
  • Butter - B
  • Cinnamon - C

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