Ice Cream Scoops is a standard food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

You may be looking for the Ice Cream from the first game here.

Purchasing Information Edit

We have a number of ice cream flavors and toppings in your choice of a bowl, cone or even a chocolate dipped waffle cone! Delicious!

Cooking Instructions Edit


Upgrade Path Edit


Recipes Edit


Keyboard Binding Edit

  • Waffle Cone - W?
  • Choc. Cone - C?
  • Glass Bowl - B?
  • Strawberry Cubes - S?
  • Banana Slices? - A?
  • Cookie Bits - O?
  • Sprinkles - P?
  • Gummy Bears - G?
  • M&Ms - M?
  • Hazelnut Pieces - H?
  • Cream - R?
  • Cherry - E?
  • Choc. Scoop - K?
  • Vanilla. Scoop - V?
  • Mint Scoop - M?
  • Rainbow Scoop - N?
  • Choc. Mix Scoop - X?
  • Blah blah other ice creams of some sorts...?

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