Ice Cream is a standard food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Purchasing Information Edit

There's nothing quite like a scoop of delicious homemade ice cream! Now you can satisfy your customer's desire for the classic sweet treat with our Ice Cream starter package of the classic Vanilla/Chocolate flavors, as well as cherries and colorful sprinkles. No restaurant menu is complete without a nice dessert, so order today!

Your order includes a surplus of Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, bowls, colorful sprinkle treats and cherries, as well as six recipe cards.

Cooking Instructions Edit

Ice Cream is a delicious dish that can be very easy to quickly execute. You'll need to place at least two scoops first before adding any toppings.

Upgrade Path Edit

Two Star: $4 to $6 Menu Price, Mint Choc. Chip, new ingredients [whip, nuts] & six new recipes

Three Star: $6 to $8 Menu Price, Butter Pecan, new ingredients [chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce] & six new recipes

Recipes Edit

One-Star Upgrade Edit

1. Plain Vanilla:

Recipe Card: Three Vanilla Scoops, please.

2. Plain Chocolate:

Recipe Card: Three Chocolate Scoops, please.

3. Chocolate Sprinkles:

Recipe Card: Two Chocolate Sprinkles with Sprinkles

4. Cherry Vanilla:

Recipe Card: Two Vanilla Scoops with a Cherry, please.

5. Vanilla and Chocolate:

Recipe Card: One scoop of Vanilla and Chocolate please.

6. The Yin and Yang:

Recipe Card: One Vanilla, One Chocolate, Cherry and Sprinkles

Two-Star Upgrade Edit

7. Mint Cherry:

Recipe Card: Two Mint Chocolate Chips with a Cherry, please.

8. Minty Deluxe:

Recipe Card: Two Mint Chocolate Chips, Cherry, Whip and Nuts

9. Nutty Mint:

Recipe Card: Two Mint Chocolate Chips and Nuts

10. Nutty Vanilla:

Recipe Card: Two Vanilla Scoops with Nuts

11. Nutty Chocolate:

Recipe Card: Two Chocolate Scoops and Nuts

12. Trio of Delicious:

Recipe Card: One Vanilla, One Chocolate and One Mint Chocolate Chip, please.

Three-Star Upgrade Edit

13. Buttery Nuts:

Recipe Card: Two Butter Pecans, Cherry, Whip and Nuts

14. Vanilla Dream:

Recipe Card: Three Vanilla Scoops, with all toppings.

15. Chocolate Heaven:

Recipe Card: One Chocolate, Two Mint Chocolate Chip, and all toppings.

16. The Fiesta Bowl:

Recipe Card: One Chocolate, one Mint Choc. Chip, one Butter Pecan, and all toppings except for Nuts and Choc. Sauce.

17. Birthday Surprise!:

Recipe Card: One Vanilla, one Chocolate, one Butter Pecan, and all toppings except for Nuts and Strawberry Sauce.

18. Deluxe Butter Pecan:

Recipe Card: Two Butter Pecan Scoops, with all toppings.

Keyboard Binding Edit

  • Vanilla - V
  • Chocolate - C
  • Mint Choc. Chip - M
  • Butter Pecan - B
  • Cherry - H
  • Sprinkles - P
  • Whip Cream - W
  • Nuts - N
  • Choc. Sauce - O
  • Straw. Sauce - S

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