Hamburger is a standard food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

You may be looking for the Burger from the first game.

Purchasing Information (?) Edit

Our delicious, juicy hamburger comes in a variety of recipes and styles, served with an all beef patty and stacked with delicious vegetables.

Cooking Instructions Edit


Upgrade Path Edit


Recipes Edit

01. The Classic

Recipe Screen: +Tomatoes +Lettuce +Cheese +Beef Patty +Regular Bun

Keyboard Binding Edit


  • Tomatoes - T
  • Lettuce - L
  • Swiss - S
  • Cheese - C
  • Bacon - B
  • Pickles - P
  • Beef Patty - M
  • Onions - O


  • Mushrooms - M
  • S. Onions - S
  • Pretzel Bun - P
  • Regular Bun - B

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