Garbage is a chore in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Doing the Chore Edit

When starting the chore, you're shown with a stack of garbage bags/cubes and a trash container, what you'll need to do is pick up the trash one at a time and throw it into the container, then sanitize your hands. Because of faulty programming, this chore is one of the slowest. After picking up the trash you'll need to wait a moment to throw it. Otherwise the chore itself is easy.

Upgrade Path Edit

Garbage Service: Only need to throw 2 garbage bags/cubes instead of 5!

Trashbot Compactor: Changes the garbage bags into cubes, not much difference in performance nor amount of visits.

Keyboard Binding Edit

  • Move Trash Up - Up Arrow
  • Throw Trash - Right Arrow
  • Sanitize Hands - S