Fried Chicken is a standard food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Purchasing Information Edit

Everything's better fried! Enjoy this crunchy taste of chicken goodness with our fried chicken starter pack, which includes everything you need to get to fryin'. Simply take out the bag, deep fry for several seconds, and remove from grease to let the grease drain off. Your customers will cluck with delight!

Your order includes Letti's Frozen Chicken packs ready for deep frying.

Cooking Instructions Edit

Fried Chicken has the longest fryer cooking time. Simply dunk the fryer basket into the fryer and hold it there. Once you see white smoke billowing out of the fryer, immediately lift the basket out and place into the bowl, and then it's ready to serve!

Upgrades Edit

Two Star: $5 to $8 Menu Price, better quality ingredients

Keyboard Binding Edit

  • Dunk - Down Arrow
  • Place In Bowl - P