CookBet Silver Ticket is an item in the game.

CSD Silver Ticket

Description Edit

Get ready for some intense betting strategies! This ticket grants you access to a single bet of your choice using the CookBet App. You currently have [ticket amount] ticket(s).

Information about item Edit

These tickets are obtainable after your email account gets hacked by CookBet where they then install their CookBet App, you will recieve an email about it after it's happened.

Tickets may be gained by emails or by purchasing them. You may purchase these tickets after you recieve an email about them currently being in store. These tickets cost $300 each. The amount of tickets you have can easily be found in the top-right corner of the screen.

The use of these tickets are in the CookBet App, where an automated bet will be made, and you can use a ticket to take the bet.