The Clock is located in the top-right corner of the screen during the day and represents the current time in the game.

Time Events Edit

9:00 AM - Shift starts, Morning Aroma takes effect

10:00 AM - Possibility of Robbery, Rainy weather starts

11:00 AM - Possibility of Robbery, Safety Inspector arrival 1

12:00 AM - Rush Hour 1 starts, Morning Aroma ends

12:05 AM - Safety Inspector leaves

1:00 PM - Rush Hour 1 ends

3:00 PM - Afternoon Delight takes effect, Rainy weather ends, Safter Inspector arrival 2

4:15 PM - Safety Inspector leaves

6:00 PM - Rush Hour 2 starts, Afternoon Delight ends, Safety Inspector arrival 3

6:30 PM - Safety Inspector leaves

7:00 PM - Rush Hour 2 ends, Late Night Chow takes effect until shift ends

8:00 PM - Safety Inspector arrival 4

9:15 PM - Safety Inspector leaves

9:30 PM - Possibility of Robbery

10:00 PM - Clock freezes until all remaining customers are served, then the shift ends

Exceptions Edit

  • Robberies can't occur until the game gives you an email about criminal activity in the tower.
  • Morning Aroma only takes effect if one or more of your foods has that detractor.
  • Afternoon Delight only takes effect of one or more of your foods has that booster.
  • Late Night Chow only takes effect of one or more of your foods has that booster.
  • The Safety Inspector only arrives if you recieve an email about a safety inspection due before the day starts.
  • Rainy weather only occurs if you get an email about it before the day starts.