Breakfast Sandwich is a special food item in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Purchasing Information Edit

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don't waste any time in buying the all new breakfast sandwich! Simply put it together, heat, and serve! This golden biscuit is packed with a choice of a delicious sausage patty, a layer of egg or two strips of crispy bacon. Or why not mix and match them all? It's your breakfast, so order today!

Your order comes with a surplus of golden biscuits, sausage patties, egg, bacon, and six recipe cards.

Cooking Instructions Edit

The Breakfast Sandwich doesn't have too many layers, and is ready to heat once you put it together. It might be on the smaller side, but it packs a delicious punch for breakfast!

Upgrade Path Edit

Two Star: $4 to $8 Menu Price, new ingredients & four new recipes.

Three Star: $8 to $12 Menu Price, new ingredients & five new recipes.

Recipes Edit

One-Star Upgrade Edit

1. Egg Biscuit:

Recipe Card: Just the egg, please.

2. The Deluxe:

Recipe Card: One Egg and Sausage

3. Double AM:

Recipe Card: One Egg, Sausage and Bacon

4. Morning Fuel:

Recipe Card: One Sausage and Bacon

5. Sunrise Sandwich:

Recipe Card: Just the Sausage, please.

6. The Classic:

Recipe Card: One Egg and Bacon

Two-Star Upgrade Edit

7. Cheesy Deluxe:

Recipe Card: One Egg, Sausage and Cheese

8. Cheesy AM:

Recipe Card: One Sausage and Cheese

9. The Early Bird:

Recipe Card: One Egg, Sausage, Bacon and Cheese

10. Tower Biscuit:

Recipe Card: One Bacon and Cheese

Three-Star Upgrade Edit

11. My Hammy:

Recipe Card: Just the Ham, please.

12. Ham & Egg:

Recipe Card: One Egg and Ham

13. SherriSoda Special:

Recipe Card: One Egg, Bacon, Cheese and Ham

14. Double Header:

Recipe Card: One Egg, Sausage and Ham

15. The MegaBiscuit:

Recipe Card: One of everything, please.

Keyboard Binding Edit

  • Egg - E
  • Sausage - S
  • Bacon - B
  • Cheese - C
  • Ham - H

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