Boosters and Detractors are things that describe a food's/event's ups and downs.

List of Boosters & Detractors Edit

Boosters Edit

Perfect Orders: 0.5 % buzz for each perfect order the day before.

The Daily Special: 5% buzz if a new food is placed on the daily special.

Breakfast: +5% buzz for each breakfast food on the menu. Takes effect during morning hours.

Rainy Companion: 5% buzz for each ''Rainy Companion'' food on the menu, Takes effect during rain.

Rich Dish: +5% buzz for each ''Rich Dish'' food on the menu.

To Go!: Foods with ''To Go!'': 1 = 2%, 2 = 5%, 3 = 8%, 4 = 10%, 5 = 12%, 6 = 15% buzz.

Health Nuts: 5% buzz if two ''Health Nuts'' foods are on the menu, then +5% for each that is added.

Platinum Resturant: 40% buzz for having a platinum resturant.

Flexable Edit


Detractors Edit

Bad Orders: -0.5 buzz for each bad order the day before.

The Daily... Special?: -5% buzz if yesterday's daily special is on today's daily special.

Work Liquor: -5% buzz for each liquor on the menu.

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